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Wasteland Denizens by AceNos
Wasteland Denizens
Yet more from my Sly Cooper/ Fallout Crossover.

a Deathclaw and a Mirelurk. Since the Sly Cooper world has Anthropomorphic animals, obviously, the mutant fauna would also be anthropomorphized and thus integrated into wasteland society. 

For the deathclaws, they fear a boogeyman figure known as "The Murray"

We already had talking deathclaws in fallout 2 BTW and also, the mrielurks were originally planned to have a tribe-like society in fallout 4.
Stealing Never Changes part 2 by AceNos
Stealing Never Changes part 2
sequel of this:…

The miscellaneous cooper gang members.

a sly Cooper/Fallout crossover.
Pickman-esque by AceNos
Another crossover pic between Sly Cooepr and fallout.

being a resident of Freeside in the Outskirts of New Vegas, Dimitri had a thing for killing raiders that attempted to break into his residence and immortalizing their death expressions on paintings made from their blood, fat, and bile.

Based on Pickman  from Fallout 4.
Take drugs! kill a bear! by AceNos
Take drugs! kill a bear!
Yet another crossover with Sly Cooper and Fallout.

The guru as one of the many tribals inhabiting the wasteland.

Yes That is a Deathclaw skull
Red Menace by AceNos
Red Menace
By this point you would have figured that this Crossover Between Sly Cooper and Fallout is an Alternate timeline, the way i usually handle crossovers.

Since China in the Fallout universe is communist and generally reviled by the United states, Panda King was part of an infiltration force led by General Tsao (another Sly Villain) sent by the People's Republic of china to do collateral damage within US Soil. Unfortunately the Bombs dropped before they could return to china and were thus stranded for the next 200 years as mutants wandering the wasteland.

What happened was that as time passed, general Tsao mutated into a Radrooster and the majority of his company stayed with him and set up permanent residence in the remains of the town of Klamath Falls, oregon. Panda king, Who had mutated into a Yao guai, separated and was last known to have joined the Shi down in San Francisco, California.

This drawing is mean to depict Panda king at around the time of the Resource wars which preceded the great war.


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United States
I like to draw things that interest me the most at a certain time. I usually draw architectural structures, but doodling cartoons is fun too.I prefer to draw with a plain paper and pencil.

So if you feel that some of my drawings are drab, you are welcome to color it or do a complete redraw of it :D

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it's also more consistent with the mecha seen in the show
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