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Way to go Matt Burnett, you killed everybody by AceNos
Way to go Matt Burnett, you killed everybody
I am currently working on a Steven universe/ Space Battleship Yamato crossover and believe me, someone's gonna point out to me that WW2 never happened in Steven Universe so no Yamato. The anime Space Battleship Yamato is on the opposite scale, in which it heavily used WW2 as the basis for whatever was seen on the anime as well as the identity of the titular battleship.

I hereby disregard that statement because think of it:

No ww2 means no Yamato,. No Yamato, means that the Argo is never built.When earth is bombed and Iscandar calls there is nothing humanity can do except die a horrible death from the radiation. basically Everyone including steven dies. and the crystal gems are discouraged from protecting earth any further which by that point truly resembles a "Hideous rock" as Yellow diamond puts it.

Does that sound like a happy ending at all?

Of course you'll all give me reasons why the crewniverse chose to omit conflicts like ww2 in that timeline, but think of it, those weapons may come in handy in the future. The anime gave us an example with the Argo having been built from the wreck of yamato. It was instrumental in saving Earth, it was Humanity's final hope

And a question i would also ask in return is this: "What's the point in the Crystal Gems being Guardians of Earth, if it's covered in hopelessly lethal radiation that killed every organism on earth and humanity is dead?"

Another thing Su fans will rationalize to me is that steven wont join the voyage and would stay only on earth. Well i also disagree because, Yes the Crystal gems will always find a way, but in this situation ,the solution cannot be found on Earth and is 168,000 lightyears away in the Large Magellanic cloud on a mysterious planet that avoided conquest from homeworld. Knowing that humanity only has a year left before they die out and an alien race is offering them this one chance to live, Would he still stay on earth or would he be persuaded to join?

He would have to join because the Argo's crew needs all the help they can get and he can help them overcome any gem related obstacles.

I mean in the anime iscandar had a device capable of reversing the damage done to earth and restore life on the planet as well as restoring earth as it was before it was bombed by planet bombs.

"Well they can use the warp pads to get to iscandar". Uhh no, here iscandar has no warp pads due to it's untouched status.

also to many of you wondering why homeworld is meteor bombing Earth. Homeworld doesnt actually see earth as a threat and also have found a way of dealing with the crystal gems without having to touch Earth. since it's not of military significance, the diamond authority went against the idea of using a superlaser on it and resorted to using irradiated meteors instead.

I am also going to guess that this anime is obscure to many of you fans.

So i ask you now: 
what is your view on this crossover idea?
Space Battleship EDF Missouri details by AceNos
Space Battleship EDF Missouri details
Some notes on my Space Battleship Missouri design (the first design was a draft).

sometimes when people do Original battleship designs inspired by the anime "Star Blazers" they forget that there is no flat deck around the superstructure, only at the bow and stern areas. That part of the ship is suppose to be molded with the hull's round shape as this fan artist demonstrated with his interpretation of a "Space battleship Mikasa":… and this ship:…

It's basically a battleship's superstructure fused seamlessly onto a retro sci fi rocket or a submarine. And yet again Missouri has more emphasis on missiles to protect itself despite having more powerful shock cannons and an experimental dispersal WMG. Also the WMG muzzle should be done in a way that it molds in with the hull nicely.

I basically learned all this after looking at fanart for Space battleship Yamato on Pixiv.

Unlike the Yamato's retro design, the Missouri being the product of the Americans, is more streamlined than it's Japanese analogue. At least the Americans had the foresight to improve Missouri's third bridge.
Space Battleship EDF Missouri by AceNos
Space Battleship EDF Missouri
This ship is that it was built in the span of time between the Argo's return from Iscandar and the Construction of the Andromeda.

She serves as a transitional ship between the Argo's generation and the Andromeda's Generation as She was fitted with prototype weapons and implements that would later be featured on the Andromeda such as the Dispersal wave motion gun, more powerful shock cannons and a prototype automated system for running the ship.

Among the many improvements in design were lower rocket stabilizers and a more recessed and armed third bridge (after feedback from the Argo's Third bridge)Unlike the Argo and the Andromeda, she put more emphasis on missile weaponry.

This is somewhat of an improvement over :iconcaptain-torr:'s Space Battleship Missouri:…

 I dropped the USS part of the name with the world being united in the year 2201.
A Friendly Reminder by AceNos
A Friendly Reminder
I am actually appalled at how severely unintelligent and closed minded most SU fans are.

The most frequent alternative term of a gem in the fandom is "Magical space rocks".

I've seen this phrase so many times i a;ready have the impression that most SU fans want to be as immature and childish as the the rotagonist, Steven.

In my opinion people should stop using this term because:

-It's a poor attempt at being funny and cool.

-The Gemstones are clearly alive if they have their own personalities and can manifest a body. rocks are mindless.

-That term incorrectly and misleadingly conjures up images of rainbow colored asteroids which are literal space rocks.

Go ahead, ignore this so i can see to it that these fans continue their stupidity and learn next to zero.

pic does not belong to me at all, credit goes to AstroAnimation
Steven universe: Crossover Wishlist by AceNos
Steven universe: Crossover Wishlist
A list of franchises i wanna see as crossovers DONE RIGHT.

*To anyone who is not spanish and gives a damn about reading the description*

Here are the franchises listed categorized under their respective crossover methods:

Lore of both franchises are crossed over in such a way that it's concise and makes sense (if Earth is involved as part of the setting):
-Space Battleship Yamato
-Cowboy Bebop
-Mobile suit gundam
-Captain Harlock
-Queen Emeraldas
-Galaxy express 999 Galaxy railways
-Space carrier Blue Noah
-Star Trek
-queen milennia (not pictured)

The characters and content from another franchise exist on a distant planet ans a seperate alien civilization:
-Star fox (lylat system and surrounding galaxies)
-Pikmin (Planets hocotate and koppai)
-Metroid (some of the less hostile aliens minus metroids)
-Earthbound (Mr saturn homeworld)
-Kirby (Popstar's system and surrounding galaxies)
-Super Mario (Mushroom world and surrounding galaxies)
-Mii (not pictured, planet that looks exactly like real life earth not SU's Earth)
-Sonic the Hedgehog (not, pictured, Planet Mobius and surrounding galaxies).

The whole idea is this.

Many Steven universe crossovers are mostly dimension juming ones in which characters form another franchise end up in the Su universe. However. the way i do it i do it like this.

If the franchise has Earth as part of it's setting, then the crossover is an alternate universe between the two franchises in which the lore of both franchises are combined into a single concise lore that makes sense and is compatible.

If the franchise involves characters and content from another part of the universe or on another planet, it can still exist in the su universe either as pockets of unconquered space in homeworld's empire or as territories being threatened by homeworld if the homeworld gems are the antagonists. the same crossover techniques above are also applied.

In both cases, since I always make homeworld the substitute for the antagonists from the original franchise, I always nerf homeworld's capabilities to make them more manageable for the protagonists and other allies. i make them less powerful than what they are implied to be in the show. more alteration i make are that they concentrate their hatred for organic life only towards Earth not the whole universe. They also apparently choose who to be friends with, not sporadically make friends with anyone they come across. another change is their their ships designs and other aesthetics are changed to fit with their crystalline nature rather than resembling body parts and stereotypical flying saucers to make them more cool. i also change some of the gems' personalities to make them less harsh and more relatable.

also in both cases, the SU lore is slightly tweaked to be more concise to allow certain aspects of the other franchise to exist (WWII still happened or the milky way and the Magellanic clouds are untouched because of the rebellion, etc).


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Hey there okay I'm gotta say it. I'd looked on Google Images to try to find you. But wondering if you still like SU and whatever. Also considering how the show is now and the world in the show.....seems a whole different mainly places where countries should be at.

Sorry it's been a while.
AceNos Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
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