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Repressed Memory
This is based on a question i have about Carmelita fox:

What if Carmelita's Family was also targeted and killed by Clockwerk and his Fiendish five?

I know that Carmelita and possibly her Family/ancestors aren't thieves, but you have to remember, even a lineage of good cops can also garner a lot of enemies willing to take revenge on them for arresting them. I mean there are such things as criminals taking revenge on the cops or police department that apprehended them. If you were a cop, how would you feel if your whole family was killed by the very people you detained?

In this scenario, Clockwerk still keeps his goal of wiping out the coopers as is main goal but as a secondary goal, he also wants to destroy the Fox's because they have always been a nuisance in his plans to wipe out the coopers. While Clockwerk spared Sly just to show him that the coopers were nothing without the thevius raccoonus, Clockwerk wanted to outright destroy the Future fourth Generation Law enforcement officer. In other words, He's more cruel on the cops than the thieves. Not only that he wants to see how a good police officer would cope with  the trauma and stress from the criminals getting revenge on them and ruining and destroying their personal lives and families.

Upon killing Carmelita's Parents, Clockwerk was about ready to end young Carmelita's life when two of the fiendish five members, panda king, and sir raleigh opted against it, as killing her would be rather unnecessary
(and to satisfy Clockwerk's morbid curiosity of getting revenge on the cops and seeing a good cop snap from it and ironically become a criminal) and Carmelita was only a secondary target, Sly is their main target. And so they left her in a sobbing mess with the corpses of her parents.

This memory would actually be repressed as Carmelita grows older to what she is int he present games along with memories of her in the same orphanage Sly was sent to as well as some very early encounters with a younger sly.
Uncle Joe Cooper
another fanmade cooper family member in another time period worth exploring: 1960's Vietnam.

He Isn't an ancestor, but more of a Brother of Connor and a Uncle to Sly. Judging by the caption, you can already guess how he died (though it involved a certain vietcong commander, Ho-Lee-Phuc).
Reynardo Fox
Because nobody ever had the balls to speculate on Carmelita's ancestry.

Reynardo Esteban Fox, was second generation law enforcer and grandfather of Carmelita Fox. He was a Private investigator during the Great Depression, never actually trusting the police and mainstream law enforcement as it was mired in corruption and racketeering at the time. Due to his latino American descent, he has repeatedly fought off racial discrimination from opponents and the press, and has done his duty to prove the Fox family to be worthy upholders of justice. He earned the nickname "Honest John" due to his sincererity and honesty when dealing with crime as well as his unsettingly calm and just treatment of the crooks he arrests. Instead of outright viewing Bugsy Cooper as a criminal, he has look at his perception of justice with intrigue and wonder and seemingly understood Bugsy's role as a "Concerned citizen" rather than a outright Criminal.
Bugsy Cooper
I wonder why Sanzaru nor Sucker punch ever thought of this, but imagine if there was a Cooper ancestor wh lived during the Great Depression in american hiswtory? specifically the age of the Gangsters?

Despite being labelled a "Gangster" by law enforcement, ironically, Bugsy Cooper was far from being a gangster and more of a very concerned citizen who took justice in his own hands when the law did not. He was notorious for robbing from the bosses of several  Gangs and large illegal operations and is responsible for the arrests of several notorious gangsters and Bosses. His Cooper gang and a certain private investigator referred to him as "Stickyfingers" due to his ability steal and scale walls with his bare hands, though Bugsy usually refers to himself as the "Parkour master". He earned the nickname "Scarface, due to a previous encounter with Clockwerk, who only succeeded to scar part of his face with his talons".

His cane is a modified Thompson Submachine gun with the crook replacing the butt of the machine gun.
I notice this but whenever people discuss or bring up the way homeworld conquers and destroys planets as well as it's extreme xenophobia towards organic life, people talk like homeworld hasn't run into or come across another space-faring civilization or intergalactic superpower (and when i mean spacefaring, i mean they are also technologically advanced) and that every planet they came across has either a primitive civilization or just animal and plant life. come on people, in science fiction, the universe tends to be teeming with spacefaring civilizations. much like countries on earth, these civilizations would have their own interactions among each other, wether it be peaceful, or hostile.

Homeworld would have sent probes and scouting expeditions into the opponents territory first but the other side would probably have the same idea do the same thing.

I mean just look, I have some wild speculation/headcanon, that there were some civilizations/superpowers that the gem homeworld failed to conquer or avoided, either because the other side was more than capable of defending itself from the gems or because of a conquest gone pear-shaped (brute force and ignorance being the culprit). Homeworld gems aren't mentally flawless and it's not hard to imagine Yellow diamond making a hyperbolic assumption of the enemy civilization only to balls up her operation and realize they had severely underestimated their enemy. Simply put, homeworld's disdain and hatred towards organics has always clouded their judgement when it came to dealing with an ironic case of trying to conquer an organic run civilization more powerful and competent then them.

They have no tactics (if they did, probably the worst) and are relatively poor at devising a plan or strategy as they would put their xenophobic misconceptions, stereotypes and biases about organic life first and underestimate the enemy, only to get their asses handed down and their supposedly perfectly devised plan to go up in smoke and flame as the very organics they viewed as inferior and insignificant is more capable than they originally thought. They have advanced tech, but they don't know shit about what their doing or who their dealing with half of the time. just a blind charge and failure on the gem's side, due to bad planning, miscommunication, lack of formal strategy or plan, idiot generals (who's sanity is lost for every battle lost), and the opponent being more clever and shrewd and not to mention more than capable of driving back homeworld

homeworld wouldn't exactly be friends with them, but they would at least keep a respectable distance from them.

since people compare homeworld's colonization and conquests to human development of earth's environment, this would be like humans trying to develop over zootopia or Petropolis from Tuff puppy and not caring wether the animals there have a civilization or not or are more than capable of fighting back. It can also be similar to cutting down a forest and making a hyperbolic assumption of the trees being inanimate, until said trees rise up and fight back and attack your lumber crews ala lord of the rings.

My headcanon is that homeworld is more like a standard expansionist empire not a existential threat. They lost some battles and won some battles. They do good in conquering planets with primitive life or civilizations, but against an advanced civilization with more competence than their near dumb quartz soldiers and their overthinking peridots. it reaches a point where there would be times were an invasion or conquest backfired horribly and they are simply forced to abort or botch the whole campaign, resulting in them avoiding that territory or keeping a respectable distance away. in other cases testing or deploying superweapons there is not recommended as the other side would probably find a weakness in that weapon. no matter how many times they revise it, there always will be one tiny flaw that can be exploited. shielded in front but has an exposed butt. I mean they do great against primitive civilizations but for advanced spacefaring ones, they'd be making too many bad decisions due to their prejudice against organics

How ridiculous would is be if a tough guy calls a seemingly feeble guy inferior but ends up getting beaten up by the feeble guy in fight? Basically, saying all organic life is inferior is hyperbolic and baseless when faced by organic life running a civilization that turns out to be more then what homeworld thinks they are.

and the question about a cluster, Even long before it's fully incubated (5,000 frickin years), any competent civilization would just go down there in advance and eliminate the cluster operation and thus pissing off the Diamonds.

And no i'm not talking about a rebellion, i mean actually coming across an advanced spacefaring civilization, making a hyperbolic statement against them, and then using brute force and ignorance to attempt to conquer them and then losing due to bad planning, miscommunication, lack of formal strategy or plan, idiot generals (who's sanity is lost for every battle lost), and the opponent being more clever and shrewd and not to mention more than capable of driving back homeworld.

I also have another thing to adress, the "Homeworld Bias" where one proclaims that homeworld is "Big and Stronk" and is so powerful they can conquer and defeat every known sci fi franchise in existence (star wars, battlestar, star trek, etc) as well as seemingly ignoring or being unaware that in sci fi, the universe tends to be swarming with numerous civilizations. Don't assume that homeworld is the most powerful sci fi race in all of existence and that it could conquer and destroy every known sci fi franchise. There isn't any proof of that yet. Who knows what if they're more or less as powerful as your standard space faction?
Homeworld vs Organic Civilization: a Complaint
Because I'm getting sick  of the "Homeworld is flawless" bias from the sU fandom.


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